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Short but sweet. That's probably how I'll describe the title. For the last *counts with her fingers to be sure* 11 months I have worked for a construction company down under and I must say it wasn't that easy. My colleagues at work will testify to that. Stressful most of the times and demanding even but God is faithful and true to His word. He saw me and my colleagues through.

I simply enjoy good food surrounded by a fun gathering of folks I call friends

I was actually pondering on whether or not to write a 'flashback' and tell the story of how I ended up working for my current boss now or later on. Well I have thought again and my alter ego says to postpone it and just do it before or at least the week of my first year as their employee. I was already contemplating on how to celebrate it on the 8th of August which is the very first day I started to work. A couple of months ago, I think it was in the middle of May, one of our lunch buddies, Errol celebrated his 2nd year in the company. We have all talked it over that it would be a pot luck and bring food and share them together over at lunch like what we normally do when someone celebrates his/her birthday. We had loads of food that day! There was barbecue courtesy of Rommel - the barbecue king, Jessica bought our dessert - cassava cake, Beth, Ces and I chipped in on buying pancit, Rodel bought the drinks and cutlery while Errol bought two tubs of ice cream. Boy that was some lunch! We couldn't even manage to finish it all. That was how I imagined I would celebrate my anniversary next month. Simple lunch with lots of food and great company of friends. But I believe God has a better plan for me.

Surprisingly later that same month, I got the news from my supervisor that I would be sent to a two week trip to Queensland all expenses paid for by my boss. It was really shocking to hear from my superior who we often thought would be just joking around. But it was confirmed by one of the bosses who rang me the following day and told me that as my 1st year anniversary gift, they wanted me to come over and experience being in the actual workplace. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. All I could ever tell him to every sentence he said was 'thank you'. The following week, the owner of the company rang me and told me the same thing. So that's twice the confirmation! I told the good news to my friends at work and they all congratulated me. I have shared to my workmates the two dreams I had about going to Australia. It was not that long time ago, probably mid-February and another one after that. I never would have thought it would come true! The first dream was very vivid to me. I was in the office with my boss and I was in front of a laptop and he was asking me to search for a specific abbreviation which I couldn't find at all. The second dream was the boss was asking me to buy something for his baby which I had to find in the Philippines and bring to him in Australia. It was such a weird dream I saw myself walking literally on the world map like a cartoon-ish map from my home country going down to Queensland. I try not to think about it too much because I know with dreams, it is only God who can interpret our dreams, remember Joseph who interpreted Pharaoh's dreams? Genesis 41:15, 16. So I just shrugged those dreams but now I understand what they were. In short, I was going to be sent there.

This will be the very first time I will be traveling internationally by myself
After the euphoria of the good news, I feel bad I couldn't take my hubby along with me. I shall be missing him for two weeks as he has always been my companion for the last two years when we go traveling in and out of this country. My parents were very happy for me when I broke the news to them, most especially my mom. She was so excited she kept asking on and on during the whole time of the visa application whether the embassy has released the papers yet. The visa application by the way was very different from what I have experienced with the UK embassy. We used an agency to do all the processing and filing of the documents, all we ever did was collate all the requirements and photocopy them and the messenger of the agency picked it up from the office. Thankful that, that is now all over. Whew! That was kind of confusing as well. It actually took less than 10 days to be processed and we got the visa the following week after everything was sent to the embassy courtesy of the agency. Lots of 'y's I know. The visa is just paper, they don't label it on your passport. Don't know why but that's what they said. Plus the downside is they took all my original documents and they wouldn't return it which is a shame. Other than that, all was well. One of the best things I have felt so blessed about is what my boss's PA's daughter, her name is Chanel did for me. Her mom told me, when we were anticipating the news about the visa, Chanel was told to pray for me so that I would be granted the visa. Now, I haven't seen nor met her yet but I appreciate what she did for me. I was almost in tears reading Jodie's email about it. That was very heart warming. It is true that even a little girl, she is only seven years old, God can use her to touch other people's lives and also be a blessing to me. I feel very humbled by what the Lord showed me. God has been so good to me.

When a child prays it is always sincere and very humbling for us who are older than them.

I have always wondered what will happen on my first year. Yes, I'd get my paid time off so I can take a break from work without worrying of how much I would get the following pay day. Also gained a year's experience in case I would like to switch careers which I had also thought about before. Promotions - probably, we don't know. But I will be very honored if I would get it. What else? I think gain more friends and knowledge on the job that I do and more tasks to perform. Other than that I wouldn't have imagined anything else. I thank God everytime I think about this trip. I sometimes ask myself, whether I deserve it or not. Sometimes I feel like I'm not that good enough but I am thankful He loves me the same as everyone else.

Just for today, expressing what I feel and what has happened for the past few months in my job is what made me share a piece of the puzzle called life. It may not be picture perfect but I praise God for what He has done and has planned for in my future. Just as I was in the middle of typing this, my mom had an accident and my dad and I had to rush her to the ER yesterday. We are all believing God for her immediate healing and speedy recovery. Not only that, we hope we can, as a family, come together and help support the financial side of it as well. As the saying goes, "God is bigger than the problems I have." If I may add, one of the verses in the bible that talks about being grateful - 1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus." (NLT)

 I remember a quote saying "There are no good or bad luck in this world, only blessings and blessings in disguise." God can turn something bad into something beautiful we just have to trust Him and be thankful for all the things that come our way. Not here to preach, but to testify about God's goodness. And for that I am very grateful.

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