Friday, 27 July 2012

Product reviews

I've always sought for affordable but great products, whether they be food, clothing, gadgets, etc., I'm up for a good bargain. Value for money as what we call them. We Filipinos love these kinds of stuff - from ukay-ukay (2nd hand clothing stores) to cheap eats like street food or those sold in food carts - and that's why our very own countrymen make these things a business endeavor. While some may say that not all items are of good quality, there will also be some bits and pieces on the other end of the spectrum that would impress you. Let me share two of what I have found recommendable.

Chow Pao from Chowking
Tasty treat

My husband and I tried this just out of the blue when we went shopping one pay day. We ordered breakfast and agreed to try the new product which has lots of colorful ads all over the fast food joint. At first I was reluctant, thinking it might be an epic fail and it might not be big enough to satisfy our huge appetite. Clearly I was wrong. It was very tasty. They were made fresh so they're not sitting in one of their steamers waiting to be ordered. The bun is very fluffy and cute. My apologies as this is how I find the bread. It is like a burger but if I'm not mistaken the bun was made from the same dough they use to make their siopao. They weren't too skimpy nor overloaded with filling. Just the right amount of meaty sausage with Chinese siopao-like sauce with freshly chopped veggies (carrots and cabbage) so you'll get to taste every bit of the whole thing. And that "CK" mark on top, that is real and not just a fancy advertising entrapment to entice you to buy it. There are different fillings to choose from - chunky beef, braised chicken, chinese sausage and chinese sausage special. Hubby ordered the braised chicken while I chose Chinese sausage special. I must say I was surprisingly impressed. Certified budget-friendly and would be what one needs when one is hungry. Over all, I would rate this as a 9/10. You should try one before they are gone.

Fruity, minty or sweet
Sealed with a kiss

First time I have ever tried their lip balm was when my sister gave me one as a gift for my birthday. The flavor was peppermint and putting it on my lips reminds me of a certain brand of peppermint-flavored chewing gum. I know that sounds funny but that's what goes on in my head whenever I use this. I enjoyed their product so much that I've asked my sister to buy me one. The second flavor, the one I'm using nowadays, is Wild Berry which tastes kinda like strawberry. Not really sure if they are the same thing but it is nice and smells good too. Keeps your smackers moisturized during any kind of weather. With the price of 65 pesos, this is a keeper, well only until the tube is empty. I probably will try the choco fudge flavor after I've finished this current one I am using. I might end up licking my lips all the time if it's chocolate flavored. Again, a must try for every girl, teen, lady or woman who want all natural ingredients and are open-minded to try yummy types of flavorful treats for your kissers. I would give this product a 9/10 as well.

If I do come across new products which are wallet-friendly and made with good quality ingredients, I would be glad to share them again on here. So everyone will have an idea of things that are classified as cheap but not compromising in their standards. And with all the prices sky rocketing today, we all could use these kinds of items for ourselves. It still enables us to indulge ourselves from time to time without breaking the bank.

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