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Disney/Pixar's The Brave - Movie Review 02/09/12

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I have not blogged for quite a while now. I know it's not an excuse but RL (real life) sometimes (or most of the time) gets pretty busy for the past months. Anyways, I've already planned on recalling the events that happened the previous month where I had a two-week work-cation (work slash vacation if I may call it that way) in the land down under. I'll write about that later but for now I'd like to share my thoughts on this movie I've seen a week ago with a dear friend.

We weren't intending on watching a movie last Saturday afternoon. Estee and I just wanted to catch up with each other and just chill at the mall, have merienda-all-you-can buffet at Dad's and pass time chatting and laughing our problems and worries away. But since it was still early, after we've wiped our faces with traces of evidence from our hearty (tummy-filling) scrumptious meal, she asked me, "Do you want to watch a movie?" I instantly nodded and said, "Yeah, why not?". I did suggest The Bourne Legacy (which stars my new found favorite actor Jeremy Renner for the sole reason that he kinda looks like one of my colleagues in Australia) but my friend said she's already seen it. Bummer, I told myself. Anyways, another suggestion was a Filipino movie/musical - I do bidoo bidoo which is quite creating a buzz on the internet. We were supposed to watch it but upon reaching the till, it has already started and it's a one time, no repetition kind of movie. So I hurriedly thought of other suggestions and I came across The Brave and quickly asked, "Is this the one from Disney?". The cashier said yes and so I assured my friend it is a good one and it is animated. After paying for our tickets, we rushed to the theater and found our seats. We arrived just under 5 minutes before the short preview started which was a clip called "La Luna". It was very cute and although the characters weren't speaking a lot of dialogues, I loved it.

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I'm not the most brilliant writer when it comes to doing a movie review but let me share with you what I have enjoyed in and found really unique in this movie along with the story. The main character is Merida. She is a princess who loves to go on adventures with her trusty horse. She and her family lives in Scotland and they are, as what most Scottish families would be, a little chaotic if I may say so based on how I have observed them. The queen mother is very civilized and poised. She wants Merida to become like her and she is trying her best to prepare her to be the next queen. But the princess has become a some sort of a 'tomboy' who loves to run around and not be prim and proper. She wants to live the life she feels is best for her, ignoring her mom's advice on everything. The king doesn't mind although with the queen's prodding, he sometimes gives in. Merida has three obnoxiously wacky and ultimately annoying brothers who are out of control. They add to the funny bits in every scene.

Clan DunBroch - from left: the Queen Elinor, the King Fergus, Princess Merida, and the triplets -  Hamish, Hubert and Harris
When Merida learned that she was about to choose a suitor for her betrothal, she was completely against it. She hated the idea and wouldn't listen to what her mother has to say. This is where the conflict begins. She finds a witch who has disguised herself as a woodcarver and because of the spur of the moment annoyance towards her mother, she wished her life to be different. She wanted her fate changed. She took home a pasty which her mom ate and afterwards changed her to a bear. Merida was confused but told her mother what happened. So when they went back to search for the witch's hut, nobody was there except a few potions. Merida learned from the witch's reminder (when she dropped the potion in the cauldron) that she needs to mend the bond that was broken because on the second sunrise, the spell will be permanent. 

The princess and her mom (in the form of a bear) learned to adapt to each other and help each other in the process and they were hoping that, when she 'repairs' the tapestry it will restore her mother to her previous self. I believe it wasn't the actual tapestry which Merida ripped apart that was needed mending, it was her relationship with her mother.

The queen always tells Merida, "Legends are lessons". Stories they refer to as legends act as reminders to what we should and should not do and make us aware of what dangers we may face if we don't heed to the 'lessons' learned by the people who have experienced these things first hand. Merida found out a little late what happened to the prince who wished to have the strength of 10,000 men that it will tear their kingdom apart and he ended up becoming a bear that everyone feared.

In the end, Merida realized that her mother was right all along and she asked for forgiveness and expressed her love to her by showing how 'brave' she can be despite all the troubles along the way. They defeated the bear Mor'du who was the prince in the legend her mom used to tell her which proved that their family's bond is stronger than any spell.

I would give this movie a 9/10. Very fast-paced but it explains in detail a background of the story. The setting and the plot are all coherent with each other. The characters are very much Scottish and they are faithful to the traditions/customs of their ancestors. The actors who voiced over the characters were very good. They have made us appreciate the culture of Scotland and what they want to relay to the audiences although they can be a little bit difficult to understand because of their accents. Over all, this movie has made me appreciate my mom and my family because I can relate to Merida's character. This would have been a Mother's day movie blockbuster (if they have shown it in May or Mother's day) which every family would enjoy either on the big screen or on DVD's. It is a must watch film for everyone.

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