Saturday, 21 April 2012

Easy Peasy Toast Topper

Every weekend is supposedly our (me and hubby's) time to chillax. We don't try to do too much let alone slave ourselves in the kitchen to cook our meals. So I try my best to find quick recipes that don't require a lot of ingredients nor take a lot of time to prepare and also cook. Today I was trying to think hard what to cook for lunch. This meal is the toughest one to sort out because my husband doesn't always eat lunch and if he does, he prefers nothing heavy like rice or potatoes. So I searched the kitchen cupboards and the fridge for something to put on the table. I thought of doing my bachelorette pizza because it's what we usually have for lunch during weekends and he said he has grown to like it. I will share the recipe when I get to take actual pics. Then I realized there were some left over pasta sauce from last night's dinner! So I asked the iron chef (as what my colleague who is a big fan of his scrumptous meals call him) if he fancies another round of spaghetti but he declined. He suggested I put the sauce on toasts and grated cheese on top. So I took his advice and prepped away. A short recipe can be found below:

Easy Peasy Toast Topper

What you need:

* a loaf of bread (a few slices will do depending on how many stomachs are to be fed)
* grated quick-melt cheese
* left over pasta sauce, chilled (we used our own version of Bolognaise sauce)
* ground black pepper (optional)


*  Lightly toast your slices of bread. Just brown the sides. This, I found, is helpful as you need to put them in the oven to melt the cheese and it doesn't take a lot of time to melt cheese. Toasting it makes the bread crunchy when you eat it, otherwise, if you didn't toast it, it'll be a bit soggy when you bite into it.

* Usually we keep our left overs in the fridge to keep it from going off. I also suggest you take the sauce out when you're ready to top your toasts. After putting your sauce on top of the toasts, you can either add chopped onions, sliced tomatoes or bell peppers. This is optional, otherwise just go with your sauce.

* Season with black pepper (again that is up to you) or chilli powder (to the brave ones who love their spices). Then top with grated cheese.

* Pre-heat oven at 180 C. Line your baking tray with the toasts topped with your yummy sauce. Slide your tray in the oven and let them stay there for 10 minutes or until cheese melts. Serve hot.

Ours looks like this. We didn't have quick-melting cheese so this will do for now. They do taste really good. Hubby was surprised and said it tasted exactly like those tinned toast toppers from the UK, only better. :)


Have you tried something new today like a new recipe or created your own? I just did. I look forward to trying more fresh ideas in the coming days. 


  1. Tested and certified with A+ grade!! Good one it was :) Keep posting Food Recipes like this

    1. Thank you David! :) I will do my best. :) I love to cook as well so one of my hobbies is cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.


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