Saturday, 14 April 2012

Breakfast Battles

I knew that when I created this blog, my second post would either be about food or odd encounters not with the third kind but with weird people on my way home from work. I decided to choose the former.

Breakfast, as the elderly would say, is the most important meal of the day (or was it 'the most important part' of the day?). Skipping breakfast before going to school or work, will leave you with insufficient energy to last throughout the day and in turn, you'll find yourself eating a  lot by lunch time.

For me, breakfast is an eat-and-run thing. Most people know I don't have time to cook and eat at home, because I try to catch an early morning ride to work. So, what I usually do is I just scout the high streets of Eastwood and look for the cheap and quick meal – the kind that I can grab before I head to the office. I have tried most of the breakfast meals in every fast food chain - Jollibee, McDonald's, KFC, Chowking and even the 24 hour convenience stores that sell ready-to-eat packed meals like 711 and Mini Stop. But while all of them are really cheap, (usually 60 pesos or under), not all of them are filling. Service wise, I'd like to say that Chowking is at the bottom of my list. You'll have to sit there to wait for around 15-20 minutes before your food is served, and sometimes it's not even served hot! The only thing I eat there for breakfast is their congee.  It never fails to give me that warm feeling after.

Most of these fast food chains have burger or bun-type of combo meals for those that want to just grab a quick bite and go. KFC has chicken burger with scrambled egg and topped with mayo. McDonald's on the other hand has lots of varieties, the low-priced one (which I usually buy) is the hamdesal with cheese while Jollibee has their sausage and egg pandesal. Between the three, my palate has fallen in love with Jollibee's. I guess it's very close to what you'll have at home - a well-done omelette and fresh from the frying pan flat sausage wrapped up in a real pandesal. I don't mind waiting as the taste itself makes it worth the wait. I savor every moment when I'm eating this heavenly meal along with my cup of coffee or hot chocolate and I let out a burp of happiness as I head to my office building with a smile on my face. I prefer this over  those tacky burgers and soggy omelette in a chicken burger that instead of giving me that energized feeling, just makes me sick to my stomach after. But I'm not bragging about Jollibee's nor am I saying all their breakfast meals are great but the fastest and cheapest meal I can buy is theirs and it's just as perfect as a cup of coffee from Starbucks. So next time you fancy something to eat, do try what I am strongly recommending and tell me what you think.

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