Friday, 13 April 2012

the what. the why. the who.

*Sprinkles confetti over me, my desk and the blog*
 This blog has been planned, but seemed to be long overdue. I have pondered about this for quite sometime now. So, first thing's first.

What this blog contains: 
Mainly, this space is about my thoughts regarding  different things that  tickled my fancy or provoked  my curiosity. Usually, they would revolve around everyday scenarios that involved me or perhaps, something that I have experienced, which I would like to share my two cents worth. 

Behind the name trinketboxofthoughts?
After much deliberation with my alter ego (which I don't have a name yet), a cute word popped up in my creative mind – trinket.

A trinket box is also known by other terms such as jewel case or casket and has been used from the medieval times on the dressers. These are small boxes that are embellished on the top in a variety of designs and have a hollow space or concealment when opened. These small boxes are perfect to keep jewels and other trinkets.

I don't really have a lot of things to blog about; so I consider just the bits and pieces of what I will be sharing with you; small things to be put in my virtual trinket box. They may be tiny but hopefully, they'll give you some insight on what is happening around us or give you a little bit of information which you can also consider as a jewel or a treasure for keeps.

WHO is the person behind the blog?

A lady who is fond of observing her surroundings, I rarely speak a word to strangers but I can be an all-out chatter when I am with my peers. I am a frustrated writer who have always dreamt of being a movie director or a famous novelist but ended up being a physiotherapist. My current line of duty is a virtual assistant for a construction company based in the land down under.


Thanks for dropping by!